Martin et al., PNAS

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Martin, C.B., Hong, B., Newsome, R.N., Savel, K., Meade, M.E., Xia, A., Honey, C.J., & Barense, M.D. (2022). A smartphone intervention that enhances real-world memory [...]

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Hong, Cog Sci

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Hong, B., Pace-Tonna, C.A., Barense, M.D., & Mack, M.L. (2022). Emphasizing associations from encoding affects free recall at retrieval. Proceedings of the 44th Cognitive [...]

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Li et al., 2022

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Li, A.Y., Fukuda, K., & Barense, M.D. (2022). Independent features form integrated objects: Using a novel shape-color “conjunction task” to reconstruct memory resolution for [...]

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Mazloum-Farzaghi, N., et al., 2022, ANC

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Mazloum-Farzaghi, N., Shing, N., Mendoza, L., Barense, M.D., Ryan, J.D., & Olsen, R.K. (2022). The impact of aging and repetition on eye movements and recognition [...]

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