Sinclair et al., 2021, PNAS

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Sinclair, A.H., Manalili, G.M., Brunec, I.K., Adcock, R.A., & Barense, M.D. (2021). Prediction errors during naturalistic events modulate hippocampal representations and drive episodic memory updating. [...]

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Ladyka-Wojcik et al., 2021

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Ladyka-Wojcik, N. Olsen, R.K., Ryan, J.D., & Barense, M.D.  (2021). Flexible use of spatial frames of reference for object-location memory in older adults. Brain Sciences, [...]

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Barense & Lee, 2021, Neuron

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Barense, M.D., & Lee, A.C.H. (2021). Perception and memory in the medial temporal lobe: Deep learning offers a new lens on an old debate. Neuron. [...]

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Stevenson et al., 2021, Scientific Reports

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Stevenson, R.A. Ruppel, J. Sun, S.Z., Segers, M., Ncube, B.L., Bebko, J.M., Barense, M.D., & Ferber, S. (2021). Visual working memory and sensory processing in [...]

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