Sinclair & Barense, TINs

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Sinclair, A.H. & Barense, M.D. (2019). Prediction error and memory reactivation: How incomplete reminders drive reconsolidation. Trends in Neurosciences. [pdf]

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Cowell et al., 2019, eNeuro

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Cowell, R.A., Barense, M.D., & Sadil, P.S. (2019). A roadmap for understanding memory: Decomposing cognitive processes into operations and representations. eNeuro. [pdf]

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Bouffard*, Ladyka*, & Barense, QJEP, 2019

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Bouffard, N.R.*, Ladyka, N.*, & Barense, M.D. (2019). Giving evolution its due in memory systems research. [Review of The Evolution of Memory Systems, by E. [...]

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Brunec et al., Hippocampus

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Brunec, I.K., Robin, J., Patai, E.Z., Ozubko, J.D., Javadi, A-H., Barense, M.D., Spiers, H.J., & Moscovitch, M. (2019). Cognitive mapping style relates to posterior-anterior hippocampal [...]

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Yeung et al., JoCN

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Yeung, L.K., Olsen, R.K., Hong, B., Mihajlovic, V., D’Angelo, M.C., Kacollja, A., Ryan, J.D., & Barense, M.D. (2019). Object-in-place memory is predicted by anterolateral entorhinal [...]

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Romero et al., Neuroimage

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Romero, K., Barense, M.D., & Moscovitch, M. (2019). Coherence and congruency mediate medial temporal and medial prefrontal activity during event construction. Neuroimage. [pdf]

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Stevenson et al., Frontiers

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Stevenson, R.A., Philipp-Muller, A., Hazlett, N., Wang, Z.Y., Luk, J., Lee, J., Black, K.R., Yeung, L-K., Shafai, F., Segers, M., Feber, S., & Barense, M.D. [...]

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